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Baldwin Boys' High School has, in the recent past, participated on a National as well as at the International level in Quiz Contests. In May 2003, Jagan Kumar and Manish G. of Std. VII competed in the All - Asia Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest for the year 2003. They competed along with 70 schools in the South Zone region and were selected along with six other schools from Bangalore. The finals were held in Kolkata, where 64 schools from all over the country and the Middle East took part. Our team of Jagan and Manish stood Third among these 64 schools. Later in the year they participated in the All India Horlicks Activity 2003 Quiz Contest, where they stood First among the Juniors. They also participated in an InterSchool Competition held at Clarence High School, Richards Town, Bangalore, where they placed Third.In a field of 40 schools, they were Runners-up, in the Quiz Contest conducted by the Children's Movement for Civic Awareness. All in all, Baldwin Boys' High School is in the forefront of performance and achievements amongest all schools here in Bangalore.

Sports & Games

For some time now, Baldwin Boys' High School has been organizing and conducting an Inter School Chess Competition, "CHEX”. Over the years (since 1997), we have been in the forefront of this game. One of our students, Abid Majid, participated in an International Chess Competition held in Abu Dhabi and was judged the best junior player. He stood first in his category. Later, he went to Moscow to participate in a Competition sponsored by the Russian Embassy. He was the only one who was able to beat a Russian Grandmaster. Right now, the Competition continues, and each year our School hosts nearly 150 to 200 children from different Schools in and around Bangalore. This is the only Competition of its kind, and has been judged by the Indian Grandmaster Raja Ravishekar, who has been our judge for a number of years now. We provide coaching for the boys who are interested in Chess, which is said to be an excellent game for improving the concentration, so that if a child is good at Chess, he is definitely good at studies.


Famous Old Boys
Henry Rebello Represented India in the 1948 Olympic Games. Is the only school boy from Bangalore to do so.
A.P. Ramaswamy Represented India in the Asian Games, 100m relay.
Robin Paul Represented India in the Asian Games, 100m, 200m.
Kashi Vishwanath Represented the State in 100m relay.
B.V. Murlidhar Represented India in the Under-13 Football. Was captain.
Bopanna Took part in the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi 1997.
Abid Majid Represented India in Chess all over the world.
Bipin Chandra Represented State in swimming.
ICM. Sumukh Represented State in swimming
Ruben Geoffery Dayal Took part in the republic day parade in New Delhi in 2004
Currently Studying:
Harikrishna Represents State in swimming.
H. Sashwath Jain Represents State in swimming.
Arshad Ayub Represents State in swimming.
Sanjay Kumar Represents State in Under - 13 Cricket.
F.IC Zohar Represents State in Under - 13 Cricket.
Vinay National level fencing.
Shrevas Sadhi International level Karate Championship in NepaL
KSree th Ra'esh International level Karate Championship at Moscow.
Darshan State level Archery